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Every day, I spend my time in well-known and prominent websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more and see the video’s wherein almost excellent video’s are there and host are says you are on the doorstep to become a Millionaire, you will become Millionaire tomorrow. Just see our video’s and follows our instruction.

It’s the allure of wealth and the captivating dream of becoming a millionaire that drives this desire. I mean, who doesn’t want financial prosperity? I, for one, truly yearn for it. So, one day, I began my quest by scouring YouTube for videos on how to amass a fortune. In pursuit of this dream, I even subscribed to a broadband plan with a lightning-fast 200 Mbps speed. I diligently watched a plethora of videos on amassing lakhs and crores of rupees until I had covered them all. Now, I eagerly await tomorrow, the day I believe I’ll finally achieve millionaire status.

Creation of ayogoeeth.com

When I spend my time on prominent websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more. It brings us immense joy when we upload and watch videos on YouTube, and also dedicate a substantial amount of time to Facebook. In this context, I decided to establish a few small websites and experience the sense of ownership. This desire led me to invest money in creating a small platform, resulting in the birth of ayogoeeth.com where I proudly became a website owner

What is ayogoeeth Denoted?

Aayogoeeth is a Sadri language term formed by combining ‘Ayo’ from the Khadia language and ‘Goeeth‘ from the Sadri language. In this context, ‘Ayo’ signifies ‘Mother,’ and ‘Goeeth’ means ‘talks.’ When these elements are amalgamated, ‘ayogoeeth’ in Sadri language conveys the meaning of ‘Mother’s speech.’ Sadri language serves as the primary means of communication among various Adivasi communities, such as Khadia, Munda, Oraon, and others, residing in different states of India.

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Mission and Vision

The domain name or keyword “ayogoeeth.com” is notably uncommon, lacks reliability, and is not optimized for Google search engines. This naturally raises the question of why someone would choose to host a website with such low-level keywords.

We all unanimously agree on the fact that, regardless of her appearance, education, or character, a mother holds a special place in everyone’s heart. A mother is the one who brings us into this world, nurturing and caring for us. Whether we are virtuous or flawed, she is always there, guiding us through our first words, steps, and sips of water. Mothers shape us into the best version of ourselves, turning us from zero to hero. It’s the mother who accompanies us on our journey from childhood to the heights of success, and her words often become proverbs. This is the underlying concept that inspired the creation of my website, ayogoeeth.com, which may start at zero but aspires to reach the top ranks through SEO.

Brief Overview of Language 

1.     Khadia Language:

  • Region: The Khadia language is primarily spoken by the Khadia tribal community, who reside in the states of Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal in India.
  • Script: The Khadia language is typically written in the Odia script.
  • Classification: It is classified as an Austroasiatic language, which is a language family prevalent in parts of Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent
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2.  Munda Language:

  • Region: The Munda language is spoken by various Munda tribal groups, predominantly in the eastern and central regions of India. States like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and West Bengal have Munda-speaking communities.
  • Script: The Munda languages can be written in various scripts, including the Roman script, Ol Chiki script, and others.
  • Classification: Munda languages are part of the Austroasiatic language family, and they are known for their rich oral traditions.

3. Oraon /Kuduk Language:

  • Region:  The Oraon language is primarily spoken by the Oraon tribal community, who are concentrated in the states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and parts of West Bengal.
  • Script:  The Oraon language can be written in various scripts, including the Roman script and the Devanagari script.
  • Classification: The Oraon language is also part of the Austroasiatic language family, which is one of the major language families in India.
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Sadri Language 

  • Region: Sadri is a language spoken predominantly in the Indian subcontinent, primarily in the states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and parts of West Bengal. It is widely used by various tribal communities in these regions.
  • Classification:Sadri is a member of the Indo-Aryan language family, which is one of the major language families in India. It is classified as a Central Indo-Aryan language.
  • Script: Sadri is typically written in the Devanagari script, which is the same script used for languages like Hindi and Sanskrit.
  • Speakers:  Sadri is spoken by a significant number of people, particularly by tribal communities like the Oraon, Mundari, and other Adivasi groups. The number of Sadri speakers is in the millions.
  •  Cultural Significance: Sadri is an important part of the cultural heritage of the Adivasi communities in the region. It serves as a means of communication among various tribal groups and is often used for oral traditions, folk songs, and storytelling.
  • Language Development: Efforts have been made to standardize and promote the Sadri language, including the development of written literature and educational materials to preserve and promote this regional language.

    The Sadri language reflects the linguistic diversity of India and plays a vital role in preserving the       cultural identity of the tribal communities in the states where it is spoken.

Action Taken.

After watching nearly all the money-making videos on YouTube, I decided to create ayogoeeth.com with the hope of earning millions of rupees. Unfortunately, I haven’t received a single penny from my website. Despite receiving no suggestions, I uploaded a few videos on my YouTube channel in an attempt to boost my earnings, but still, I haven’t received anything.

  • My dream of becoming a millionaire overnight still lives on, but I’m now uncertain about the promises made in those videos. Days have passed in this manner, and while I was working on something, something unexpectedly good happened. I warmly welcome all of you to come and visit my website, ayogoeeth. Today may be a day with zero earnings, but I’m eagerly anticipating a brighter tomorrow!   

Present Status

Just  like the laborers constructing roads, the audience enjoying movies, the viewers on YouTube, or the individuals using Facebook, none of these are typically associated with becoming millionaires. However, those in the contracting business who build roads, film producers, YouTubers who create content, or similar content creators may have the potential to become millionaires.

I find myself in a similar situation. How can I aspire to millionaire status when I’m merely a spectator? Yesterday, I was at ground zero without a website, and today, even after creating one, I am still at zero. Nevertheless, I hold onto hope that tomorrow will bring some form of success through this website.


In conclusion, I’d like to share a message with all my friends reading this article: please don’t make the same mistakes I did. Make a commitment to excel, conduct thorough research, and run experiments; this approach will not only help you attract more viewers to your videos but also open the door to the possibility of becoming a millionaire through video creation, earning a substantial income.

I extend my best wishes to all of you through my website. I kindly request all of you to visit my website, ayogoeeth.com, take a moment to explore, and drop a greeting if you find it impressive. Your support would be greatly appreciated.  

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