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  • To the utmost extent permitted by the applicable law, we hereby disclaim any and all representations, warranties, and conditions pertaining to our website and its utilization, in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Privacy Policy (terms and conditions). This disclaimer, however, shall not:
  • Impede or absolve our or your responsibility in cases of fatalities or personal harm: Our commitment to safety and well-being remains unwavering, and this disclaimer does not negate our obligations in such serious matters.
  • Restrict or exclude our or your liability in instances of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation: We uphold our commitment to honesty and ethical conduct, and this disclaimer does not shield either party from accountability in cases of deceit.
  • Limit any of our or your liabilities in a manner contrary to applicable law: We adhere to the legal standards in force and this disclaimer will not be used to evade responsibilities established by the law.
  • Omit any responsibilities for us or you that contravene relevant laws: Legal requirements will always take precedence, and this disclaimer does not negate obligations imposed by the law.

The limitations and restrictions on liability stipulated in this section, along with other sections of this disclaimer, are contingent upon the preceding paragraph and extend to all responsibilities arising from the disclaimer, including those stemming from contractual agreements, wrongful acts, and violations of statutory obligations.

It is important to note that while we provide the website and its associated information and services free of charge, we do not accept liability for any form of loss or damage incurred in the process.

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