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Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit
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Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit

Start menu: Unlike Windows 8, which launches applications from the Start screen, Windows 10 has brought back the more conventional Start menu. Additionally, it has been improved to make it simpler to locate crucial apps.

Windows Edge:The goal of this new browser is to improve the Web experience for Windows users. It has many new features, is faster, and is more secure. Although Microsoft Edge is designed to take the role of Internet Explorer as your primary web browser, you can still use another one if you’d like.

Cortana:-You may converse with this virtual assistant via your computer’s microphone, just like you can with Siri and Google Now. Cortana can provide simple services like reminding you to take out the trash, provide answers to questions like What’s the weather like today, and much more.

Multitasking:-You can transfer some of your windows to a virtual desktop to get them out of the way rather than keeping everything open on the same desktop. Additionally, managing all of your open windows is made simple by the new Task view function.

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Software developers might desire to port their programs to Windows if it is updated in order to take advantage of the operating system’s newfound popularity. The corporation may gain from adding more trending items to its app store for Windows. “Windows, of course, succeeded in large part because developers chose to build their applications for Windows,” People might spend more money at the store if they stay there longer.

Windows 10 fixes several issues with the user interface established in Windows 8 and improves the user experience and functionality across a variety of device types. The successor to Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, shared some features and applications with its PC version.

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