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Microsoft Defender Antivirus Download
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Microsoft Defender Antivirus Download

When active, the device primarily relies on Microsoft Defender Antivirus as its main antivirus program. Files are inspected, threats are addressed, and threats that are found are reported in the security reports for your company and in the Windows Security app. To stop infected downloads, Microsoft Defender Antivirus employs heuristic scanning, security upgrades, and cloud-based services.It also controls additional Windows security functions, like:

  • Account safeguarding
  • Protection of networks and firewalls
  • Browser and app control
  • gadget safety
Developer Description

For developers running Windows 11, Microsoft Defender Antivirus offers a “performance mode” feature. When examining files on development drives, this setting lessens the impact of antivirus checks.  Resilient File System (ReFS) serves as the foundation for Dev Drive. It offers up to 30% greater total build time performance when paired with Microsoft Defender Antivirus’s performance mode feature.

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