An image of the Google TV app download. The logo features a stylized capital letter 'G’ in Black colour, with a distinctive square design. The letter ‘G' is set against White background with a google symbolic Logo outer in square shape. This logo is a symbol of the Google TV app download.
Google TV App
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Google TV App
  • No more jumping between apps. Streaming, live TV, music, and more.
  • Curated recommendations. Discover your upcoming preferred movie or television show.
  • Utilize voice commands to explore apps and effortlessly locate your desired content.
  • Build your watchlist. Add movies and shows right from your TV, phone, or Google Search.
  • See the latest releases.
  • Use your phone as your remote
  • Watch live TV channels at no charge.
Developer Description

Google TV App is a smart TV app platform that was originally developed by Google. It’s based on the Android operating system and has been open-source since 2013.

Google TV was co-developed by Intel, Sony, and Logitech. It launched in October 2010 with official devices made by Sony and Logitech

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