An image of the Google Maps App download free. The logo features a stylized capital letter 'G’ in lite Black colour, with a distinctive square design. The letter ‘G' is set against White background with a google symbolic Logo outer in square shape. This logo is a symbol of the Google Maps App download free.
Google Maps App
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Google LLC

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Google Maps App

Google Maps is a web service and mobile app that provides detailed information about geographical regions and sites worldwide. It showcases a variety of features, encompassing:

  • Maps: Street maps, satellite imagery, aerial photography, and 360° interactive panoramic views of streets
  • Navigation: Turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and route planning
  • Location: Current location, location direction, and search location
  • Public transit: Public transit information
  • Restaurant reviews
  • State boundaries
  • Geographical features
  • Layout of roads
  • Locations of cities and towns
Developer Description

The developers of Google Maps are brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen. They created the app as a C++ desktop program at Where 2 Technologies. In the year 2004, Google acquired the company and transformed the software into a web application.

The framework of Google Maps was built using the following languages: C++, JavaScript, XML, Ajax.

Google Maps is a cloud-based GIS software that provides navigation services and allows businesses to create and manage maps. The app uses a combination of: Satellite imagery, Aerial photography, Street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, GIS data.

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