An image of the epic games launcher download for windows. The logo features a stylized capital letter 'E’ in Black colour, with a distinctive square design. The letter ‘E' is set against White background cover with black outer in square shape. This logo is a symbol of the epic games launcher download for windows.
Epic Games Launcher
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Epic Games Inc

Key Details of
Epic Games Launcher
  •  Extensive Game Library: The Epic Games Launcher boasts a vast library of games, from blockbuster titles to indie gems, offering something for every type of gamer.
  • Free Games: Epic Games is renowned for giving away free games regularly, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers.
  • Integrated Friends List: Connect with your friends easily and see what they are playing. Participate in their gaming sessions or extend an invitation to them to join your game.
  • Cross-Platform Play: Many games on the platform support cross-platform play, allowing you to game with friends on other systems.
  • Automatic Updates: The launcher ensures your games are always up to date, so you can jump into the action without delay.
  • Mod Support: Some games in the library support mods, letting you customize and enhance your gameplay.
  • Epic Games Store: The launcher also gives you access to the Epic Games Store, where you can purchase and discover new titles.
Developer Description

Epic Games, Inc. is the developer behind the Epic Games Launcher. Founded in 1991, the company has made a significant mark in the gaming industry, known for creating popular games such as Fortnite, Unreal Tournament, and the Gears of War series. The Epic Games Launcher serves as a central hub for accessing and managing games developed by Epic Games and other game developers. It offers a wide range of features and provides a platform for gamers to discover, purchase, and play games. Epic Games is also known for the Unreal Engine, a widely used game development engine.

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