An image of the eFootball™ 2024 Apk. The logo features a stylized capital letter 'E’ in dark Black colour, with a distinctive Square design. The letter ‘E' is set against white Colour background with a symbolic Logo outer in square shape. This logo is a symbol of the eFootball™ 2024 Apk.
eFootball™ 2024
Company name

Konami Digital Entertainment

Key Details of
eFootball™ 2024

Here are some key features of eFootball™ 2024:

  • Improved control responses: Allows players to make split-second decisions, control the ball more closely, and dribble through congested situations.
  • New blocking motions and timing adjustments: Improves defensive gameplay, adding realism and responsiveness.
  • New clearance motions: Adds tactical depth and strategy, making gameplay more nuanced and exciting.
  • Boosters: Enhances certain player stats and allows players to perform beyond the normal ceiling of 99
  • Co-op: Allows players to enjoy matches with friends
Developer Description

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. developed eFootball™ 2024. Launched on September 29, 2021, the game is accessible across various platforms, including: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Steam, iOS, Android.

eFootball 2024 is a free-to-play, simulation, sports game. It includes updated kits, stadiums, and squads for partner clubs like Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona. Lionel Messi is the game’s ambassador and cover star.

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