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MoboTap Inc. (subsidiary of Limited)

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Dolphin Browser download latest
  • Dolphin Browser is a fast, secure, and lightweight browser for mobile devices that offers a variety of features, including:
  • Incognito browsing: Private browsing without leaving history data.
  • Custome Gestures: Craft unique gestures to access specific websites or common features; for instance, sketching a “D” to navigate to DuckDuckGo or a “B” to access Bing.
  • Sonar: Use your voice to search, share on social networks, bookmark websites, and navigate the web
  • Jetpack mode: Boosts the speed at which web pages load on Android.
  • Tabbed browsing: Open and switch between multiple web pages at the same time
  • Offline use: Cache web content for offline use
  • Data synchronization: Synchronize data across devices.
  • Add-ons: Applications that can be used to extend the browser’s capabilities

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Developer Description

MoboTap, Inc. developed Dolphin Browser in 2009 for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Yongzhi Yang – a Software Architect at Microsoft – wanted a quality browser for Android with a higher capacity for features and personalization. The browser was released on the Google Play Store in May 2010 and the iOS App Store in 2011. It has over 50 million users in more than 200 countries.

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