An image of the Amazon app download Apk. The logo features a stylized capital letter 'A’ in white colour, with a distinctive square design. The letter ‘A' is set against dark brown background. This logo is a symbol of Amazon app download Apk.
Company name, Inc

Key Details of

The Amazon app offers many features, including:

  • Tracking: Real-time tracking and delivery notifications
  • Shopping
  • Reviews
  • Wish list
  • Product comparisons
  • Returns
  • Amazon Prime
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Refunds for late packages
  • Discounts with subscriptions
  • Digital dash buttons
  • Using your camera to search for products
  • Sharing Prime benefits
  • Donating to charity
Developer Description

The Developer Tools Menu offers a variety of options that deliver real-time metrics and valuable insights about your application. Utilizing this information can prove instrumental in addressing issues, aiding in development, and facilitating effective testing processes.

You can create an Amazon developer account for free to distribute your app to a global audience. You can also use an Amazon developer account to develop an Alexa skill.

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